National Council for Workforce Education 2016

Accelerating Workforce Education, Skill Development and Structured Pathways
Many community colleges around the country have developed innovative approaches to helping students move through training and transfer programs faster while ensuring that their students are successful while doing so. Innovations include integrating adult basic education with technical curriculum, helping students move more quickly through developmental education, scheduling coursework to accelerate completion of program requirements, or guiding students through structured pathways to attain a degree or credential. Colleges have also created strategies for “cross-walking” non-credit workforce education into credit programs based on earning certifications or otherwise providing evidence of mastery. Proposals should focus on strategies that accelerate skill development or time to credential.

Implementing PathwaysImplementing Pathways: Playbook of promising and essential practices

Presented by:

  • Leticia Barajas, Vice President, Los Angeles Trade Technical College
  • Jess Guerra, Chair, Advanced Transportation and Manufacturing