@ Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

LATTC-PACTS_ModelThe Pathway for Academic, Career, and Transfer Success (PACTS) at LATTC is a sequence of postsecondary instructional programs and activities, with coordinated supportive services, designed to provide individuals with the competencies they need to successfully access a college education, attain industry-recognized and post-secondary credentials, and obtain a career that pays family-supporting wages and offers opportunities for advancement and growth.

There are two fundamental components of PACTS at LATTC—competencies and programs of study(s)—that provide the structure for students to succeed.

Competency. A competency is the capability to apply or use a set of related comprehensions or knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform “critical functions” or tasks.
Program of Study. A program of study is comprised of a structured sequence of course(s), within a specified field of study, that culminates in an industry-recognized credential, Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Art or Science (AA/AS) degree, transfer readiness, and/or IGETC/CSU Certification.

PACTS are comprised of up to four distinct tiers, representing competencies students attain to reach key milestones in the completion of their unique college and career goal(s). Each tier is comprised of multiple competencies that collectively prepare students to transition and progress through the next tier (which are referred to as “exit” competencies) and/or collectively demonstrate mastery of a program of study.

Foundational competencies are knowledge, skills/abilities and qualities students need to navigate and succeed in the structure and culture of a post-secondary institution, in general, and LATTC specifically, and to complete their individualized, PACTS plan.
Readiness competencies are knowledge, skills/abilities and qualities students attain to demonstrate they are “ready” to enter and progress in a program of study. At LATTC these competencies are commonly referred to as institutional core competencies because all students who are served by the college will make gains in one or more of these competencies.
Program of study core competencies are knowledge, skills/abilities and qualities students demonstrate to successfully complete the required sequence of courses that lead to one or more of the following:

  • Industry-recognized credential,
  • Certificate of Achievement, and/or
  • 30 units in an AA/AS degree and/or transfer program of study.
Degree and/or transfer program of study competencies are knowledge, skills/abilities and qualities students demonstrate to successfully complete an AA/AS degree, IGETC and/or CSU General Education Certification, or transfer program of study.