LATTC Pathways 2017-2018





Engage and succeed in pathway

Pathway Counselor Serves as the main point of contact for students.  Identify and implement prevention/intervention activities based on data; co-facilitate PACTS Plan presentations, have a role in special initiatives, responsible for monitoring progress on PACTS Plan aligned with state and district reporting requirements

Pathway Chair / Coordinator

Faculty position (Typically a Chair): lead/co-lead/facilitate instructional innovation and student experience efforts and activities, serve as the primary communicator to the Pathway team

Faculty Develop and enhance contextualized instructional materials to plan and implement PACTS curriculum innovations
Pathway Navigator Under the supervision and guidance of the Pathway Administrator, provide support and resources for the pathway team in the planning,implementation and monitoring of pathway initiatives and outcomes
Support Staff Support pathway activities as appropriate
Pathway Dean Dean of department(s); Coordinate with other Deans to provide administrative support, resources, and monitoring of pathway activities
Vice President Provide overall administrative support to ensure pathway success